Due to issues with receiving incomplete and inaccurate property legal descriptions, we are no longer using an order form. 

All orders must be placed via email to landstarilc@live.com with either a title commitment or property deed attached. An abbreviated legal description from a county assessors office web site will not be accepted as they are often abbreviated to the point of being incomplete. Confidentiality is not an issue as we do not share information with anyone that is not included in the transaction and there is no information on a title commitment or property deed that is not already public information.

Typical turn-around time is two to three weeks and can vary depending on weather and the real estate market. Jobs are prioritized based on due date and scheduled based on location and other jobs scheduled for same area. If you have a shorter deadline, please call  Narda at 970-587-8822 and we can see if we can squeeze it in to the current workload.

Please visit our FAQ's page for a detailed explanation of a valid property legal description.

Please send the appropriate documents to our office and use the property address as the subject. Please make sure to include the due date in your email. ASAP is not a date and we can not schedule your job accordingly. We never want to be late. The due date may be listed in the contract to buy and sell the property or if it's not requested in the contract, please give us at least a one week window prior to your scheduled closing date.

If the property has a locked gate, please provide access information. If no information is provided at time of order and a locked gate is encountered, the job can be delayed and an extra trip charge may apply.

Our standard procedure is to copy the title company when sending out all ILC's, unless other arrangements have been made. Most of the time we are paid by the title company out of proceeds at closing. Just let them know and make sure we're listed on your settlement statement. (we're typically the last line, sometimes shown as Landstar, or just survey.